2017 Business + Personal Goals | Brooke Waldroup Photography

I am a tad late on this ban wagon, but it was quite a struggle trying to figure out what my goals are for this year as well as my "word." It has kind of been a battle of "I love this season of business but yet I hate it, I want to grow but don't know where to go" type of feeling. So I really spent some time praying about it and finally was able to figure it out. 

2016 had very many ups and downs, as usual.
I wasn't planning on quitting my full time job so early. I wanted to wait, save up money, and then go full time with my photography dream. Well, God had different plans for me. I was getting such horrible migraines from working myself so much between my full time and photography, that I had to quit earlier than expected, for my health. I was so, very scared. God had me though. So in May I ended up going full time and it has been great!! It was a blessing in disguise, I just needed to trust him. 

2017 Business Goals:

  • Book 12 Weddings - DONE! WOOHOO!! - YES! I am still going to take more!! (: 
  • Book 4 Sessions each month (March - December)
  • Book a Wedding in the Smokey Mountains! 
  • Train Trav as a second shooter.
  • Budget my money + PAY myself. (For a long time, I haven't given myself a consistent paycheck because I have been trying to build up my savings for my business).
  • Create a workflow for the accounting side of the business.
  • Create more of an experience for my couples.
  • Build a community for children and families with Down Syndrome.

2017 Personal Goals:

  • Plan my wedding - Almost done!! YES!! Only a two more vendors to book!
  • Become more involved with church groups/volunteering
  • Do a devotion with Trav every day 
  • Budget money more / Save all my $5 bills. (I did that one summer and ended up having a couple thousand)!!!
  • Pay my car off - This WILL happen! I paid off over half of my car loan last year, so I have set myself up to pay the rest off this year. Trav + I refuse to go into marriage with debt, so once my car is paid off we will be DEBT FREE! (Side note: Don't ever get a car loan unless you absolutely have to, save then get one. Car payments are SO annoying). 
  • Loose 40 pounds. I have a wedding dress to fit into haha! (Weight Watchers is so good!) 

My word for this year is TRUST. I need to learn to trust God. He gave me this gift, I need to let Him take the reigns because, He will provide. Not only is 'trust' for my business but also my personal life. I need to dive deeper in my faith and trust Him day in and day out. I need to learn to lean on Travis more, he will soon be my husband and I need to learn to trust him to do things for me. (I am a do things myself type of person). I have a lot in store for this year and have a lot of changes coming my way. TRUST describes what and how I need to go about my year and the new adventures.