Kristian & Brandon's Hartfield Virginia Engagement Session | Brooke Waldroup Photography

You could say this couple are high school sweethearts!

After knowing each other for quite sometime and going to the same church together, a flat tire brought them together. Kristian was with her friend who had the flat tire and Brandon stopped to check on them. That afternoon Brandon nor Kristian had anything to do so they spent the day together doing various things, little did they know they would be planning their wedding 3 years later!

The love they have for each other pours out of them! I absolutely can not wait for their wedding day this spring!

They wanted to go to a tree farm so we went to Macey’s Tree Farm which actually about 10 minutes from me!! I went prior to their session to speak with Macey and he was so kind!! Him, Travis and I chatted for about 30 minutes, about the love he has for his farm and how much work goes into it! It was so neat to hear from another business owner what goes into his business.