Brooke & Matt

Brooke & Matt

January 27, 2016

Couple #2 are high school sweethearts! She was in the show choir, and he was the baseball star. So cute, I know!

We went out to Colonial Williamsburg for their session, in the snow, which was perfect. The snow would reflect up on their eyes and make them pop, especially Brooke's!! 

Brooke is so beautiful and the way Matt would look at her was just perfect, it complimented her so well! **heart eye emoji**

Thank God for here REALLY tall sister!!! The sun was super harsh on them so she held the blanket up to block it for us, even climbed a tree!! Haha.

I must say it was so weird saying Brooke this and Brooke that...It's weird saying my own name, haha. 

There is no denying that they are in love! 

Sometimes you just meet those couples that are so in love, that it makes the people around them feel good also. They were one of those couples!