Bryson City Engagement Session | Brooke Waldroup Photography

Hailey and Reny are from the Sunshine State, but love Bryson City just as much as we do! Reny grew up going as a kid, since his family lives there also and then took Hailey in the recent years. Come to find out, our families know each other!

Reny proposed at a waterfall tucked away on their friends property in Bryson City. It was this past Christmas Eve, they went up four wheeling to the falls and he dropped down on one knee, then they went adventuring around the mountain and hunting! Not too long after they got engaged, Hailey found me on instagram via hashtags, that blows my mind!!!

During their session, we had SO much fun! It started with his uncle playing a practical joke - he had us thinking my car got towed, it was quite hilarious. We then got ready, got lost some and finally made it to the falls. We had so much fun getting there, we took Reny’s truck boy was it a bumping ride, but so fun! After we finished up at the falls we ended up going to his families house to take some pictures at his dad’s cabin and then to his uncles house which had a beautiful creek running through it!

We laughed and goofed off, just about the whole time! They had the same weird sense of humor that I do, it was great! hahaha!