Hannah's Maternity | Brooke Waldroup Photography

Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. Where do I begin?! 

We have had so many good times. Beaching it, sleep overs, girls days, baking cookies, eating the whole jar of pickles, coloring, boat rides, etc. 

Through the years, Hannah has been a mentor, coach, friend, a helping hand, and we became sisters.

My eighth grade year, she found out she was pregnant with her first child, Jordyn. I was somewhat into photography, so I did photos all throughout her first year. I watched Jordyn ALL the time + I absolutely LOVED it. 
Then there was Peyton, her second daughter. I photographed her baby bump + Pey when she was born. At this point in time, Hannah was working at her church, Freedom Life, and had to work Saturday nights so I would watch Peyton. (I LOVE babies)
Now there is Miss Ellisyn. Unique name, right? It comes from Hannah's maiden name - Ellis! I photographed her gorgeous belly + will photograph her first few days into this world. Soon I will be watching Elli on Saturday nights, and I can NOT wait!!!!

Hannah + Chad are devoted in serving others + their church. Hannah is the Children's Director at Freedom Life and does such an awesome job!! (Very proud of her!!) 

I found this location about a week before Hannah's session and new instantly we HAD to go there. This session went so well! I always love photographing them because, they are all so darn photogenic!! 

I am so ecstatic for Chad, Hannah + the girls!