Yes!!! IT happened!! 


Back in January Trav's dad, Leonard, and I worked together and he had asked me if I knew anyone who would watch there dog, so I said I would. A few nights later, I went over to his house to get all of the info about the dog. Well, low and behold, there sits Travis in his parents chair. His mom made him wait 10 extra minutes to meet me incase anything happened while they were gone. Travis was having Lexi, the dog for a night when they leave so I had to coordinate with him. Of course I had to get his number to coordinate. 


Later that month I was photographing a women's event and my mom accompanied me. She ended up running into Teresa, Travis’ mom, and they talked about this idea of hooking us up! Crazy right?! So of course my mom told me, I told my friend Brittany and she thought it was a great idea. Then called Leonard to tell her about the idea. Then a few weeks later his family went on their annual ski trip so I had to watch Lexi again!


After texting his dad, and getting talked up by Brittany, I struck up the nerve and texted him on a Saturday.

“Hey Travis, Brittany, Daniel and I are planning on going bowling Friday night. Would you like to go?” (He loves bowling)

He texted back and said “Yes that sounds like a great time to me. I would like to go! Where are yall thinking about bowling?”


The next day he was coming home from his ski trip and it just so happened it was a beautiful day out, so he asked me to go walking with him at Fort Monroe. We parked at the Chamberlain and walked to the moat entrance and then all the way around the top of the boat and back to where we entered and back to the car. Needless to say I had blisters on my feet. Then after our walk we went to the playground and he pushed me on the Mary-Go-Round. We talked like we were friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while.


Our second date, on Monday, the very next night was a bike ride down the shore and there were construction pylons (they were laying down in the parking lot), so we were walking on them as if they were balance beams. That is when I found out that he was clumsy, very clumsy!  Anyways, he fell and got bruised up, I kind of laughed and asked if he was ok and he said “oh yeah! I’m good!” That was the end of the pylons. Then we go over by the dock and skip rocks and clam shells. I won, fair and square. He still needs to practice. Haha!


Our third date was bowling (on Tuesday), we had a blast, I won and it was a lot of fun. After we went to the beach and walked to the water and then sat on the swing.

Then! That weekend we went to Baltimore to the Aquarium – SO much fun!!

We knew within that first week of adventures that we would marry each other.

We have been inseparable since! Literally! I wouldn’t change a thing!


A while back he asked me to take off November 6, so we could do something. I didn’t think too much into it. We loved picnics, especially at Fort Monroe since it was near and dear to us! The whole week before, he would tell me everyday, about three times, how he was SO excited for the picnic and go on to tell me the weather. And he was acting weird. Well the day had come. He picked me up at 8:00 and we went to breakfast and then to church at 9:30. He kept trying to hold my hand in church, but they were so clammy I wouldn’t let him. We come home from church and prepare for the picnic, then head on our way. Before the picnic we stopped at the playground and he pushed me on the Mary-Go-Round and then after we both got really dizzy we left and went into the moat. We found a good spot and we fanned the quilt out then started eating. Once we were done eating we were just sitting there talking and he tried feeding the squirrels our pretzels. (Which was a total fail). Then I see him squinting across the field, so of course I turn around and look and lo and behold my parents and brother are walking up. I played it off like I didn’t see them and he said “Whatcha doing?” I said “what are YOU doing?” Then he pulls up his mom and dad on Facetime (they were out of town visiting grandbabies and he got down on one knee and asked me. When he put the ring on my finger he was so shakey and could barely do it. I then gave him a big hug. Curtis videoed and mom took photos.


I cried. Like an ugly cry.


It was nothing short of perfect and I am so blessed and thankful our family could be there and on Facetime. My dad even got off for a couple of hours to be there! (He is a firefighter and had to find someone to cover for a little bit).

After we hugged and collected myself, mom took photos of us and we asked a stranger to take a family photo of all of us!


We then went down our list of who we had to tell. (Yes, I made a list of people I had to tell so I wouldn’t forget anyone!) We facetimed and called everyone we needed to and everyone was so happy for us!


Little did I know, that the reason he was late coming home after work Friday was because he and my mom stopped by Fort Monroe to gather a plan and that when Curtis had texted him saying “Whats up,” Trav would text back “nothing” code for when they were suppose to come.


 Trav did so good doing everything!!!


We are both SO overwhelmed with all of the love and support we have received! We are truly blessed!