Surprise Proposal in Yorktown Virginia | Brooke Waldroup Photography

I have photographed Kyle and Samantha for a few years now! I truly love this couple, they are so much fun and are extremely sweet!

Kyle told me his plans about a month ago and asked if I would be willing to document him proposing, of course I was!! We collaborated with Sam’s mom and she ended up telling her she wanted pictures of Samantha and her sister Courtney.

The session time comes and Kyle forgets the ring, yep! Thankfully he is cool as a cucumber and not acting nervous, I was nervous that I was acting nervous because during the session I am texting Samanthas mom and Kyle for updates bahaha!! We were all in stalling and problem solving mode while trying not to hint anything to Sam. He ends up having his parents come “to get his dads phone out of his car” and on the way their truck breaks down. I lost count how they ended up getting there, but Kyle ended up leaving to go “find them.”

After LOTS of stalling and problem solving, it went down perfect and she had no idea!

As soon as he asked the question, their families pulled up and come to celebrate with them!