The Important, Unimportant, Dos and Don'ts, What Works and Doesn't | Brooke Waldroup Photography

As most other entrepreneurs know, business is not easy, but we wouldn't trade it for anything else. 

So many things can play a role in how my business is ran and these are crucial pieces to help it run smoother. As I still have quite a few things to work on, I am proud of the progress that has been made for boundaries!

1. To-Do List

I have one whole CUTE notebook designated to these!! Every day I have a to-do list. I will start off with emails/messages, and then work my way to editing or any other hard/longer task and always run errands in the evenings. Typically I will make my list at the end of the previous work day, then assess it in the morning. It feels SO accomplishing to check things off. I don't know, maybe that is just me, but knowing you are getting things done is a rewarding feeling. 

2. Business Hours

SO IMPORTANT for having boundaries. My business hours are roughly 9-5:30. I will take roughly 40 mins for lunch when Trav takes his lunch and we will eat together. Unless I have a session, once 5:30 (roughly) hits, I finish up with what I am working on for the day and put it on tomorrows to-do list. Business hours are so important for not letting my business run my life, I have more family time and my life/business aren't all over the place. 

3. Emails

Half of them are NOT urgent. I don't NEED to stop every little thing I am doing to respond to one. Now, wedding inquiries are different - If it is past business hours, I don't stop every little thing to respond to one, but I will try to reply within the hour or so/when I have a chance. Other emails, I (typically) do not stress over, so I will reply on the next business day. Yes it is good to have a quick response time, but putting family time on pause is not worth it to me. 

4. Personal Days

I have learned the hard way, it is super important to have personal days. This benefits personal sanity and relationships. When I put personal days on the calendar, it doesn't mean I take all day off, it means I take it easy and take the evening off. That way I have guaranteed time off to spend with family. I plan these in advance and weekends fully off. I typically talk to Trav and family, that way we can coordinate!

5. The word - NO 

This is so hard for me!! I absolutely hate it because I want to serve and make everyone happy! As much as it hurts me just as much, it is ok to turn away clients because I are booked up. If I do not feel as if I are a match, it is ok to say no. It is simply ok to say no. 

6. Pretty-ish Workspace

I LOVE my workspace. (More details in a future blog post). I have worked so hard to have a workspace that is encouraging and a positive environment. I believe the better I like my workspace the more work I will get done (from what I have noticed). As well as clean, the cleaner it is, the less distracted I get and the more I feel motivated. 

7. Distractions

Seriously,  I can't, typically, even listen to music because then I will make an editing playlist with 500 songs in it and not get a thing done (true story).  Or I will get bored and feel unmotivated and will get my phone out and get on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, re-arrange my apps, you name it. I have learned to help me get things done is to not have any extra tabs open in Google Chrome that will distract me, even if I am working on desktop Desktop 2 and Chrome is in Desktop 1. I also will bribe myself, sad I know, but true, it works. Ex. 'Edit up until the ceremony then go sit in the living room for 10 mins.' 'Do XX things off of the list and then get on social media.'  


I have learned so much in these past few months about myself and business, the important and unimportant, the dos and don'ts, what works and doesn't, etc., but I must say the boundaries I have put, have helped my life and business so much!