Yorktown Beach Proposal | Brooke Waldroup Photography

Josh reached out to me about a week or so ago wanting to bring his idea to reality. He was so nervous but wanted it to be so perfect for her.

I got there a little early, scoped out a spot that wasn’t so busy. On our walk to the spot, I opened my bag and Josh slipped me the ring box from his bag to mine, without her noticing. (Shew!) Once we got down there I carried the session on as I would any other. After about 15 minutes, I had them come close, nose to nose so they could tell each each other what they loved most about each other. Then I asked them turn around and write their favorite things about each other in the sand. At this time, Josh wrote “will you marry me?” in the sand and while she was turned around I slipped the ring back to him. We had her turn around and she was SHOCKED and said yes! We gave her a minute to let her FaceTime her momma and soak it in for a minute. I also brought an extra bag that I was able to hide the flowers in so he could give them to her! So sweet!!!

At this point Josh and I were extremely relieved. I think we were both equally nervous. He was nervous to start this new journey with his lady and I was nervous for him and didn’t want her to get any ideas!