Pray. Pray. Pray. & Pray a little more.

If you are the praying type, please pray!!

I am sure you all remember Pam. She is the one fighting cancer, I have taken photos of her as well as her family. 

Well, tomorrow, her and I are flying to Boston!! We are flying out of Richmond and then to Philly and then we should be there by 5ish tomorrow evening. 

HUGE thanks to Angel Flights!!! Because we are going for medical reasons our flights are free! Such a blessing!

The Dana Farber Cancer Center is doing a clinical trial, so we are going to get all the info about it and seeing if she has the requirements to be apart of it. 

For those of you who don't know, Pam has Stage 4 lung cancer. It has spread throughout her body and has now ended up in her brain. She is almost at her max with radiation and chemo, this clinical trial is like a "last option" of treatment. 

Pam and I are asking that you keep us in your prayers as we go. Pray that she does ok getting there and back. Pray over the doctors who see her. Pray that she can get this treatment. Pray that everything goes smoothly.