The Future Mr. & Mrs. Sawyer Charters

Also known as my BFF & BIL. 

Brianna is like a sister to me, therefore Sawyer will be my brother in law when they get married. (Brother In Law--BIL)

It all started at a get together, where they first met on August 25, 2015.

Shortly after they met, I met Brianna. We had met up at Chipotle for lunch. We talked for a bit and then told me she was going to a bonfire with friends and this guy she liked was going to be there. So of course I am asking who and she said his name is Sawyer Charters. I wanted to know about him so we sat there for a while and stalked his Facebook (yes we are those people). After awhile of us talking about our men she said "I see potential in him and I." So for the longest time we referred to him as Potential, until they dated. Then he turned into Sawyer. 

They went on their first date on September 11, 2015. 

Not too long after their first date they started dating on: September 22, 2015. 

Sawyer writes poems very well, so he asked her out at a carnival by reading a poem he wrote for. SUPER sweet, I know!

On the first date they both knew they were meant to be. Potential was legit. They both fell head over heals for one another. 

December 7, 2015 Bri wasn't feeling well, so Sawyer took off from work to surprise her. He didn't only surprise her with him showing up, but with also a ring!! He read her a poem he wrote and got down on one knee and asked the question, "Brianna Christine, will you marry me?" She was totally SHOCKED. Of course she said yes! 

Bri knew it was going to happen soon but just didn't know when. I told her to Facetime me when it happened. Well I got a Facetime call at work & was freaking out!!!!! I was jumping up and down like I was the one who was engaged. Hahaha

They asked me to photograph them for their invitation! So of course I did and we scheduled it for this past Saturday & it was a blast. Full of laughs, giggles, and lots of LOVE!

The love these two have for one another shows beyond extreme. They are so happy and lovey dovey. It makes you happy! Between the love they have for one another as well as the love they have for Jesus and their church is outstanding and is what is going to make this all happen so soon. 

The awesome Luke & Ashley from Luke & Ashley Photography will be documenting their special day on May 16, 2016. 

Oh man I just can not wait to see where their future takes them!!!

Love yall <3