10 Cheap Date Nights | Dave Ramsey Blog Series

It is no secret we are Dave Ramsey freaks. In order for us to save more, we don’t allow ourselves a lot of spending money. We only get $30 for date nights and that is probably once or twice (maybe) a month. And most of you are appalled with that hahaha!! Seeing the look on people's face when we tell them that, the wide eyed jaw drop is hilarious! But we are ok with it, we aren't deprived. We can go out to eat once with $30 or we can break it up! Although we love going to our favorite local restaurants, we have come to appreciate those smaller and cheap dates!

Here are some of our favorites!!

1. Go get ice cream! Find a local ice cream shop, they always have a cute charm and make it that much more fun! We've gone to Short Lane Ice cream and it is SO good!

2. Car-nic (car picnic or you can opt for a real picnic!) Recently after church, we found a local marina and we took pb&j, cookies and water and we made sandwiches right there in the car. It is so silly, but we absolutely loved it and left acting giddy and with full heart!

3. We love cooking smores over candles. Its not normal therefore it creates some good laughs! (and no the mellow doesn't taste like the candle scent!)

4. Just go riding around!! We (basically me) love riding around! We just talk and listen to music. We have found a route that we like best haha. For us, we circle through Mathews County since we're right close to it.

5. This one is kinda out there, and most of yall will think we're ridiculous. But we have made a regular date out of going to the dump, then Tractor Supply and then sometimes Lowes. Whether we just walk around or actually buy the things we need, we always make fun while doing it!

6. Bowling! It doesn't cost much, maybe $10-$15 if you don't buy food or drinks. (Most of the time you can bring your own drink in!) We were actually in a phase of bowling all the time, then busy-ness happened and we didn't get the time to go! But we are so excited to try our bowling alley up here!

7. Go on a scavenger hunt at a store you both like! It is actually really fun!

8. Cook a nice meal for your spouse. Multiple times Trav has surprised me with cooking a fancy dinner, set the table, and then added flowers and candles. And we had a nice candle light dinner!

9. Often times we are spontaneous and will go get a chocolate milkshake from chick-fil-a!

We LOVE "investing" in our marriage and each other so dates are important to us! The goal in having a date is to have fun, laugh, to just spend time together. And you don't always need a fancy dinner or an expensive date experience to do that. At the end of the day, you're going to remember the silly times and laughs you had vs. the fancy formal dinners - Well we do anyways!

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