Yorktown Engagement Session | Logan + Victoria

I just LOVED these two + everything about them!

Yesterday we met at The Moore House in Yorktown for their engagement session. It was suppose to rain last night so we met around noon to be sure to beat the rain! We sure didn't beat the heat! 

Their Yorktown Engagement Session was full of the 'I love you' laughs + smiles.

Logan + Victoria are originally from Jacksonville, FL, but he got stationed up here, so she followed. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet this couple! 

These two have known each other since 7th grade!! How crazy is that?! They have been dating for a couple years now and got engaged in November, I believe. 

Logan is the type that will do anything to make his woman happy! (SOO sweet) He loves her and it burst out of him. The way he looks at her. The way he twirled her when I asked him to and followed with a dip. The way he smiled at her + held her tight. All of it. Kudos for him for sticking through 90 minutes of shooting! You deserved that Slurpee, Logan!

Victoria, you are stunning.

She is simply sweet. She is the type that is genuinely a sweet person. Her love for Logan also radiates out of her. The way she smiled, you know that 'I love you so much, I can stop smiling' look? That was written allllll over her face. The way she laughed. You also deserved that slurpee, Victoria!

They have this thing, they don't hold hands, they link a couple fingers. That's just what they have always done. It's their 'thing'. (Super adorable!!!) 

Yesterday afternoon, as soon as I got home I started culling + editing. My goal was for them to receive their images last night so Logan was able to see them before he leaves, because who knows when he will be able to get on his phone! SO thankful I was able to get their gallery to them.

This couple needs a lot of prayers, tomorrow Logan leaves for deployment for a few months. Prayers that he will be safe + that she will be at ease. Prayers that everything goes smoothly for Logan as well as Victoria.