Firefighter Senior Session | James City County Senior Photographer

Wow. This is real. These are MY baby brother’s senior pictures!! And he graduates this year. I’m speechless.

We grew up fighting and had a love hate relationship, as most siblings do. One minute we were partners in crime, the next we were turning our backs on each other. LOL true story! Even when we were bickering, he was always ready to fight any boyfriend I brought home, always protected me, wrote me notes after we bickered to tell me he was sorry and that he loved me (yes I still have some of them!!). As we both got older, we came to appreciate each other. We skipped school for “siblings bonding day” and go to the Outer Banks, we played pranks on people together (because everyone knows we do that well), he was and is still always down to stalk the sirens no matter what time of day or night, ride down the road with me, listen to crazy ghetto music (yep haha!) and so so much more.

Curtis is sweet, kind, very stubborn and hard headed, but would do anything for you. He is always ready to stand up for what is right. Ready to protect his people.

He used to run around singing The Fireman by George Strait. He has worked so hard and his dreams are finally coming true. He is the third generation to join the fire service. So stinking proud of the man he is becoming and all that he is getting ready to conquer!! Now’s your time to shine, buddy roe!