Graham + Lindsay | Smithfield Virginia Wedding

Graham and Lindsay are truly the sweetest people!! 

They had their Southern Backyard Wedding at Graham's Mawmaw's house on the water in Smithfield. Lindsay's mom and dad worked their tails off the morning of to make sure everything was perfect for their baby girl. 

I met her dad and asked if Lindsay was his only daughter or has he done this rodeo before, he said "She is my only daughter, so it's my first time, so I have to make sure everything is perfect for her." 

Graham + Lindsay love their families. It was very clear that family was near and dear to their hearts. They had Lindsay's grandma's antique jars, serving trays, frames, etc. as center pieces. She also had ahold of her grandma's handkerchief all day, as well as one of her favorite scarfs sewn into her dress. Lindsay's first look with her dad was super sweet and emotional, I mean it's his baby girl on her wedding day!! Her parents are her biggest fan and there is no doubt about it!! 

I thought it was so cool that they buried a bottle of bourbon one month before their wedding around the same time of their ceremony and then dug it up at the beginning of the reception! Southern tradition has it that when you burry a bottle of bourbon upside down, one month before your ceremony, around the time of your ceremony that you will have good weather. That stood true for Graham and Lindsay - the storm went literally right around us!! Graham + Lindsay sure knew how to dance!

Their reception was a blast! The way he would twirl her was something off of Dancing with the Stars, it was so cute!! Everyone danced and had a great time!