My Goals for BWP | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

Now that my NEW website is FINALLY LIVE, I can share the goals I have for my business! 

HUGE thanks to Jenny Schmidt at Mavens Collective

Rewind a little, in January, I announced that I was interested in wedding photography - Which has started off pretty well. I have been second shooting for fellow photographers, following along + learning from the best. 

I attended a Live Webinar that Amy + Jordan Demos hosted, which was AWESOME + SO helpful! They had mentioned in the beginning of the webinar to have goals for every year, set them, + write them down. Well I am taking it a step further and blogging my goals! 

For 2016, my goals were/are to build my business as much as I can in all aspects: Behind the Scenes, Serving my Clients MORE, Book keeping, Workflows, Taxes, Boring Business Stuff, + the list goes on. I have been learning all of these things from fellow photographers and soaking up all of the knowledge that I can about weddings + all things business.

I have met my goals this year ALREADY!

At the beginning of the year I said that I wanted to over flow with work that I would have to quit my job, but who knew it would be THIS year. I was over flowing, so much so, that I had to take a leap of faith and quit my full time job and go part time at a new company. You can read more about that HERE!

I had set a goal to book 4 weddings for the year of 2016 and I have 6! BUT — I will gladly book more (:

For 2017, my goals are to book 10 weddings. TEN. I already have booked two, so I need EIGHT MORE!

Y'all may say two? Really? That’s it
Well I am saying Yes. Yes. Really. I am excited. 
I often think: Is ten too much? Is that realistic? Can I do it? Do people really trust me? 

But then I tell myself: Yes, yes I can. I am going to do everything in my power to reach my goal + if I don’t then I can’t say I didn't try. But I am not settling. I am striving to do my best, to grow my business, to build relationships with my clients, to serve them, to give them an experience they can brag about + to give every one of my clients my all. 

I will reach my goal for 2017. 

So….With that being said, I will be giving $125 OFF of wedding packages if you book within the next four (4) weeks! 
This offer only applies to 2017 Couples.

The deadline is: June 29, 2016

Email me at: OR fill out the form on the Contact Page!