Schmidts take on Gloucester!

Woah, I haven’t blogged in quite sometime. We have gotten quite a few questions about our move so I decided to make a blog to share the answers!!!

Where did you move? 

North, Virginia! We are right on the Gloucester/Mathews line. North is considered Mathews, but taxed in Gloucester. Weird, but whateverrr.

Why did you move? 

Travis and I have always dreamed of living in the country and having land. And when we *eventually* have a family we want to raise them, well, not in Hampton. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do y’all live in a neighborhood? 

No. We live on an old dirt lane that is about a mile long with maybe 10 houses.

Do y’all have acreage? 

Yes! We have two acres! 

You moved away from your family?! 

I have gotten this so much haha. Yes we did. It is definitely a bittersweet. I am the first one to leave the coop on my side so it was kinda a big deal for all of us to grasp. Eventually my parents will end up moving out here as well because Momma needs me and I need my momma. Haha. 

How long does it take you to get to Gloucester from Hampton? 

About 50-65 minutes…depending on how fast your drive. 😬

Are you still serving the Hampton Roads area? 

Yes!! I will still be serving the Hampton Roads area, Williamsburg and adding Gloucester and surrounding areas!

What are you looking forward to most when you move? 

Well, right now - settling in. Haha!! But I really love back/old roads and the small town feel. There is an old white church on a hill right before our street and I already love passing it everyday. I love the road we have to take to get to the house and the light that comes through it. It is really just the small things like that.

Will y’all have livestock? 

Yes! We currently have 17 chickens (trav has barred rocks and I have silkies) and I am hoping to get a goat or a pig orrrrr I would be ok with a cow too or even a horse. So chickens and hopefully something else soon haha!