The Gathering Event with Hope Taylor + Caroline Logan

The Gathering Event was my very first conference, it was a great one at that!! When we walked in, we were greeted with hugs by Hope + Caroline, then were able to stuff a bag with goodies! (how sweet!!)

Hope + Caroline encouraged, pushed, and opened my eyes on many topics. 

One thing that really amazed me was that they made sure all of us knew how and who got them through this journey - God! I loved hearing them speak about how He has helped them!

The spoke about how to overcome the negative people, how to turn mistakes into a growth, how to use Instagram to our advantage, how to build a successful brand + much, much more!! Not only did they do a great job speaking, but I met two new AMAZING people!!

I learned so much and can't thank them enough!! 

After The Gathering Event with Hope Taylor + Caroline Logan, Alex, Sam and I went back to our hotel room in Fredericksburg and stayed up late, ate mac and cheese + just talked. 

The next day us three went out exploring and had brunch at the cutest little place + rode around doing head shots!

I roomed with Alex + she is such a sweetheart. She has a love for photography and the Chesapeake Bay!  

Sam is a firecracker, goofball + definitely a kitchen table friend! Literally we are the same person. It was like talking to myself the whole time. I mean we even have the same branding colors + share the same love for mac and cheese!! Unfortunately she lives 8 hours away!!! (Crying emoji)