Josh & Emmy

I was looking for two couples to do engagement photos for me and I knew Josh & Emmy were perfect for this!! I was looking for two love birds that were joyful, genuine and kind hearted. We went to church together when we were in middle school, and have been following each other on Facebook. 

I have no idea where to start! They were all I asked for and more!

Josh is head over heals for her. It shows in the way he looks at her, smiles at her, laughs with her. He "worships" the ground she walks on. He is very happy and content. He puts her first, he is a gentleman. Emmy is so much in love. She is so kind hearted and loving towards him. 

Together they glow with love and are so much in love they're goofy! Which is the perfect kind of love. It made me happy just being with them. Their love radiates off of them!

It was freezing!! So cold that you hurt and couldn't use your fingers, your legs would go numb...BUT we toughed it through! Our session was full of laughs, smiles, kisses, nuzzles and lots of cuddles. I couldn't be any happier with how the session turned out!