#CampaignForZane Mini Sessions

WARNING: This post will contain a lot of exclamation marks (!!!!!) due to my excitement!!!

I will start out saying WOW!!!!!! I can not thank you all enough who participated and donated! 



I met Susan Fowler from Fowler Studios for a mentoring session back in January and then shortly after I saw their story and immediately I wanted to give, but I didn't know how. I don't have a bunch of money, I am a 19 year old girl, ya know. So one day I was at work and it randomly popped in my head, I would host Mini Sessions to raise money and that I did! All the money raised went straight to Josh + Susan Fowler. 

I hosted these sessions on March 5th at Sandy Bottom and I had 7 different sessions! 

I had one family pay for two sessions and then donate them!!! How awesome, right?!?!?!!

HUGE thanks to my mom + boyfriend for helping me!! <3

Thanks to everyone who supported + Susan for bringing this big girl chickfila!!!! 

Despite the freezing cold we had everyone come out except one! I am very pleased with how well everything turned out! Thanks again everyone!!!! <3

Here is a link to view their story -- https://www.purecharity.com/thefowlers