One. Step. Closer.

I took a leap of faith. 

A HUGE one. 

Prayed. Cried. Prayed some more. Asked advice of family + mentors. 

Today, I did it. 

I QUIT my FULL TIME job, but I am now going to work part time so I can further my dreams in photography and still have something to lean back on. 

No, this wasn't easy. I cried ugly sobs when I told them + today on my way home.

It was hard leaving a company + people I love, but as much as a bittersweet time this is for me, this is one step that needed to be done for me to be closer to my dreams. I prayed about it. Now is the right time. I live at home, I have the support of my family + boyfriend + my mentors + my amazing clients. 

Why not, right? 

I am trying to grow my business as much as possible, my goal in 10 years is to be doing my photography full time + to stay at home with my kid(s) + I am determined to get there. 


 Sam Rust Seafood has been good to me + I can't thank them enough. I have learned a whole lot. It was my first full time job, right out of high school, they opened their doors with open arms and became apart of the SRS family.

p.s. these are very bad iPhone photos, but they are very close to my heart <3