Dirkson Homecoming | Brooke Waldroup Photography

Oh gosh guys! Standing around, waiting for the homecoming of USS Wasp at the Norfolk Naval Base with the Dirkson Family (you may remember Becca's Maternity Session, HERE), and seeing all of those other wives, daughters, sons, fathers, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc., just makes me so emotional. ALL of those people were waiting for their loved ones. They'd be gone for 6 months or so. 6 months with out their dad, mom, son, daughter, spouse. That is a long time. All for our freedom. That really gets me choked up. 

Brandon got to meet his newborn daughter for the very first time. And got to see how grown his eldest and middle daughter are now. And got to be reunited with his wife. A lot can change in 6 months. 

I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Christmas Eve morning anywhere else. Seeing the reactions of the Dirkson family and every other person being reunited made the cold, rain, soaking wet shoes, pants and freezing hands worth it.