Historic Yorktown Family Session | Forbes Family

“Due to rain and sicknesses we have been having to postpone this family session since January (!!!), but thankfully this rain we’ve been having gave us a break and we were able to finally have their session! We met in Yorktown so that we could get many different varieties! ….”

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Dirkson Homecoming | Brooke Waldroup Photography

Brandon got to meet his newborn daughter for the very first time. And got to see how grown his eldest and middle daughter are now. And got to be reunited with his wife. A lot can change in 6 months. 

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The Riley Family | Brooke Waldroup Photography

T.j., Amber and Ava are Travis' cousins, so they are near and dear to our hearts!! 

The weather for their session was perfect! A tad chilly, but I can't complain! We enjoyed our time with them - they even brought their dog, Dexter, he was so sweet and well mannered!! 

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