Josh + Emily's Sunflower Inspired Wedding | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

Oh how I love this couple!! They are so near and dear to my heart <3 

Josh + Emily met back in Youth Group at New Covenant Church. They went through the whole "I like you" "Well I don't" thing, ya know what I'm talking about? Yeah. That. Finally they became a thing and ever since that have been loving loving each other. 

They are true + genuine. They love each other from their tippy toes to the top of their head, with no doubt. They are the type of couple that just glow with love that it makes you happy. I love them. 

Their Sunflower Inspired Wedding was perfect for them. Even though they had roughly 200 guest, it was just as intimate as if it would have been just them, because they love everyone of their guest. Josh + Emmy are very close with their family which I love! Family is everything!! 

The girls got ready as usual, prayed over her, and then had a first look with her dad.
SWEETEST thing EVER. Her dad was blown away at how gorgeous she was. Her parents also prayed over her. 

The guys played ping pong + got ready. Most HILARIOUS thing I had ever seen. (Just wait until you scroll down). I couldn't take them seriously. One of the groomsmen said "I am not sure if this is the Hollingsworth wedding or if this is the cast of Magic Mike" **insert like 10 laughing faceS**

So very thankful for the 10 minutes that it didn't rain!! 

Thank you, Josh + Emmy, for allowing me to capture the best first day of your marriage!