Our Dave Ramsey Journey

I want to start this series by saying we do not make a whole heap of money. We are typical middle class people. We aren’t sharing to boast or brag about how we do our finances, but in hopes to shed light and hopefully inspire others to dig deeper into their finances as well.


One thing Trav and I have NEVER fought about is money. Seriously!! That doesn't mean times haven't been hard or tight, because we have had our fair share of hard and tight times. We just know we are on the same team, with the same goal, which makes things so much easier.

Before we even got engaged, Travis and I took the Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. It has changed our life and our marriage DRAMATICALLY.

If you aren't familiar with Dave Ramsey, you can read more on his website and blog, read his books, listen to his radio show or podcast, etc.! I was familiar with Dave Ramsey because my parents had taken the class when I was younger, so when Travis' brother mentioned us doing it I was ON BOARD and knew it would benefit us.


We were dating but knew marriage was in our future. We found a class, that my photog mentors were teaching (shout out to Luke & Ash!!), Trav's brother gifted us the materials and we started! (which we are SO thankful for, Carrie, if you see this, THANK YALL AGAIN!)

Since we weren't married or living together, it was a little harder to get started. No excuse though, we could've done it each on our own! We watched our spending but never really budgeted or started baby step 1. We had a savings, but that quickly got used on an engagement ring, misc. wedding items, a honeymoon and then Trav's car crapped out so we bought a new car (no debt involved).


We decided to semi combine our finances since we were getting married that fall. So once we got baby step one done, we started on the small debts we had. With the wedding we had lots of relatively smaller expenses coming up that we also snowballed to help save for those.

-I had a small loan on my car - about 5,000 (when we started snowballing). Paid off May 2, 2017; 2.5 years early.

-We had our honeymoon that had a deposit put down but we still owed the balance in the fall, which was about 6,000. Paid in full July 2017.

-Then Travis ended up needing to have TWO surgeries on his hands that summer also, which totaled about 3,000. Paid off December 2017.


We were finally married, things were not easy. AT ALL. Between settling in together, making new routines, learning to live together, etc. and money was tiiiighhhhttttt. Looking back, I truly don't know how we did it. It is a testament that GOD DID.


We paid off trav's surgeries!! WHOOP! WHOOP! We also started the binder of small sinking funds! (Details on the binder will be on the blog next week!!)



We started on baby step 3 which is saving 3-6 months worth of expenses.


We decided to put our house on the market and move!! (You can read more about that HERE and HERE), but with that came a lot of expenses (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, a pod, etc.).

Travis also got a new job that came with a pay cut so we had to re-evaluate our WHOLE BUDGET, but we were completely trusting God, knowing HE would provide our every need.


Our house sold and we moved in with my parents while we searched for a new home. During this time we were able to save and have a fully funded emergency fund!!! We also started a few more investments for retirement for when we are fully ready for baby step 4!


We finally moved into our new house and struggled to get back into a routine of budgeting for the fact that we didn't know when the new bills would be due, how much they would be in this house, etc. But we finally have got the hang of it!!! *sigh of relief!!!*

We have now put our steps on hold so that we can save for a baby fund for when the time comes so that we don't go into debt and also don't have to stress the whole pregnancy about how it will be paid for. (No, i'm not pregnant nor are we trying, we just want to be prepared) :) :) :)

Come back next Thursday for our 6 must have budgeting materials on the blog! And hopefully we can get the courage to share our testimony on our tithing experience too, one day!!